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Strategies & Plans

Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs)

South East of England Strategy Studies

Medium Term Plan (MTP)

Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs)

South East of England Strategy Studies

Medium Term Plan (MTP)

Regional Habitat Compensation Programme


Understanding Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management

There are a number of stages involved in achieving the aims of Defra's flood and coastal erosion risk management remit.

The key stages are the development of:

Stages in the Defra Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Appraisal Process:






To identify policies to manage risks

To identify appropriate scheme types to implement policies

To identify the nature of works to implement preferred scheme


Broad-brush assessment of risks, opportunities and constraints, areas of uncertainty

Preferred approach (i.e. scheme type) including economic and environmental decisions

Comparison of different implementation options for preferred scheme type


Generic policies (e.g. hold the line, advance the line, etc.)

Type of scheme (e.g. beach recharge, seawall, setback embankment, etc.)

Type of works (e.g. revetment, wall, recycling, etc.)


Improved undertaking of the longer term sustainable management for the coast

Sets out management measures that will provide the optimum approach to flood and erosion management for a specified area

Reduced flood and erosion risk to people and assets (natural and man-made)

Source: Defra, Shoreline Management Plan Guidance.  Volume 1 Aims and Requirements (March 2006). Flood & Coastal Defence Project Appraisal Guidance 4, Approaches to Risk

Each stage requires an understanding of coastal processes, coastal defence needs, environmental considerations, planning issues and current and future land use, but at an appropriate level of detail.

The assessment of flood & erosion risks is an integral part of the appraisal process at each stage to ensure that decisions taken at that time are robust, and based on an awareness of the consequences and appropriate mitigation measures.

Flood & coastal defence legislation

Flood & coastal defence legislation in England and Wales is permissive, i.e. there is no statutory duty to protect people or property.

It does not award any right to protection from flooding or coastal erosion or any right to a particular standard of protection where defences are provided.

Maritime Local Authorities have certain permissive powers

The Environment Agency has permissive powers


North Solent SMP

FCDPAG4 Approaches to Risk

Strategies & Plans