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Mr Lyall Cairns, Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership


Mr Matt Hosey, Poole Borough Council

Mr Neil Watson, Environment Agency

Research Chair

Dr Samantha Cope, Havant Borough Council

Latest Online

Poole Bay Nearshore Replenishment Trial Testing a new approach to beach replenishment (2014-2017)

→  EA Summary & Report documentation now available

SCOPAC Field Trip 2018, Portsmouth

North Portsea Island & Southsea Coastal Schemes, 10th July

→  presentations & photos now online

SCOPAC Contaminated Land Study

Coastal Landfills at risk of erosion and flooding across the SCOPAC region

→  report & presentation now online

Futurecoast datasets now available to download as GIS data layers and project files

→  at the Channel Coast Observatory website

Regional Habitat Creation Programme

The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership and EA are working to deliver the Solent and South Downs Area RHCP

→  commentary & Annual Review Report 2017 now online


The futurecoast project was commissioned by Defra in 2002 to support the Shoreline Management Review process. It collated and assessed available knowledge on past change at different scales, and described the way in which our coastline might be expected to evolve in the coming decades. The project was originally distributed on CD but over time access to information has declined. Much of the knowledge and assessment remains relevant so the Defra/EA/WG Research and Development programme has funded this new route to the futurecoast datasets making them readily useable for years to come.

The futurecoast data can be downloaded as GIS data layers and project files from the Channel Coast Observatory website.

At www.channelc

A Toxic Legacy? Coastal Landfill - erosion, flooding, legality and funding Many landfill sites are poorly defended and are at risk of releasing waste, whilst others undergo expensive temporary repairs rather than capital works. The Eastern Coastal Partnership, as part of SCOPAC’s Contaminated Land Study, assessed (1) existing possible funding mechanisms, (2) the scale of the problem and (3) whether possible funding sources may be devised. It is likely to cost over £150 million to re-build suitable defences for the 158 landfill sites at risk of flooding and erosion across the SCOPAC region. In the UK there are approximately 1500 landfill sites with similar problems.

Presented at the 2018 National Flood and Coast Conference, Telford

Download the presentation pdf


CITiZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network) Lauren Tidbury of MOLA gave a presentation on CITiZAN to the SCOPAC members meeting, September 2015. Significant archaeological sites along our coast and on the foreshores of our tidal estuaries are continually eroded by winds, waves and tidal scour. CITiZAN is the first systematic national response to this threat.

Project details can be found at

Download the presentation pdf


Managing flood and coastal erosion risk - an update for England The Environment Agency has produced its fourth annual national flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) report for England, covering the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015. The summary briefing note can be downloaded right; the full report can be found at

Download briefing note pdf


Poole Bay, Poole Harbour and Wareham Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy The Strategy identifies an expenditure profile for the recommended management options over the next 10 years, within the context of a 100-year overall plan (Final, May 2015)


Government Coastal Flood Group: Response and Recovery Guide Executive Summary. This document was originally published July 2013 and set out the general principles of how Government would organise itself centrally in the event of a wide area coastal flood. The timing of its publication was fortuitous as the guide proved a useful reference tool during the winter flooding 2014/15 (Edition 2, November 2014)

download pdf


Beach Management: lessons learnt from past scheme performance of different modelling approaches with comparative analysis from 11 UK sites including Preston Beach, Bournemouth and Hurst Spit - Environment Agency (May 2014)


SCOPAC Storm Summary 2014 Storm damage sustained to coastal assets across the SCOPAC region 17th January - end February 2014 (April 2014)

download pdf


SR01 - Review of south coast beach response to wave conditions in the winter of 2013-2014 - A.P. Bradbury and T.E. Mason, Channel Coastal Observatory (April 2014)

download pdf


Sandscaping in the UK: Introduction to the SuCCESS model - presentation to the SCG by Olivia Burgess, The Crown Estate (March 2014)

download ppt slide show


Aggregate Dredging and the Marine Environment: an overview of recent research and current industry practice

Marine Aggregate Dredging and the Coastline: a guidance note

- presentation to the SCG by Robert McInnes, Coastal and Geotechnical Services (March 2014)

download ppt slide show


The Recent Storms and Floods in the UK - briefing document from the Met Office and CEH (February 2014)

download pdf


Recent Coastal Storms & Flooding Events - Neil Watson, Environment Agency (January 2014)

download pdf


SCOPAC Storm Summary 2013/14 Storm damage sustained to coastal assets across the SCOPAC region October 2013 - 17th January 2014 (January 2014)

download pdf


The Arch-Manche project: Archaeology and art as indicators of coastal change - Garry Momber, Lauren Tidbury and Julie Satchell, Maritime Archaeology Trust (January 2014)

download pdf


Contributions and Broader Outcomes - on partnership funding and identifying contributors to enable schemes to proceed. Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (October 2012)

download pdf


Jurassic Coast Pathfinder Spatial Planning Research Project. Dorset County Council (July 2011)

download pdf


Communicating the risk of coastal erosion: The National Coastal Erosion Risk Mapping project (NCERM). Nick Hardiman, EA (May 2011)

download pdf


SCG Response to the Defra Consultation on future funding for flood and coastal erosion risk. Andrew Bradbury (May 2011)

download pdf


Review of Beach Management Plans and ad-hoc management in Southeast England. Uwe Dornbusch and Alex Cargo (March 2011)

download pdf


The Beach Management Manual. Published by CIRIA (November 2010)


The Coastal Handbook: A guide for all those working on the coast.  Published by the EA (June 2010)

download pdf


Delivering Sustainable Coastal Risk Management: how the Environment Agency and Local Authorities are working together in South-East England (2009)

download pdf


ICZM: a strategy for promoting an integrated approach to the management of coastal areas in England. Published by Defra (2008)

download pdf


Also available to download:

Grant Funding for Coastal Schemes (2013) - downloads

SCOPAC/ SCG Workshops - Presentations & Minutes

SCG Meetings: Agendas, Minutes & Papers

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